Who knows what, if any, cancelation fee was disclosed when you

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Frontier customer angry about

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Q: Did you know Frontier charges customers a $9.99 “broadband processing fee” when cheap canada goose chilliwack bomber canceling residential internet service? Sounds shady, if not illegal.

I only learned this after paying what was supposed to be my canada goose outlet in vancouver last payment of $6.47. I’ve been a customer for 10 years, but quit after seeing they charge $65 for 12 mbps. Spectrum is the same price for 100 mbps. I asked the Ohio attorney general’s office.

“There are no laws specifically prohibiting cancelation fees, nor any laws dictating fees as related to length of subscription,” said Bethany McCorkle, spokeswoman for the attorney general’s office. “The main question would be whether these fees were appropriately disclosed to consumers. Much of that would be found in the contract or other terms or canada goose uk price service.”

Frontier’s website says in itty bitty type in its terms and conditions: “A $9.99 broadband processing fee upon disconnection of canada goose costco uk service applies.”

Of course, you rightly noticed that this is what the policy is now. Who knows what, if any, cancelation fee was disclosed when you first got your service in 2010. You said you don’t have a copy of what you agreed to.

You indicated that you circled back with Frontier and were told by a supervisor that she is unable to provide proof that you agreed to those terms in 2010. But she still declined to waive the fee.

Internet service providers don’t necessarily charge a cancelation fee unless you received a promotional rate or free equipment installation in exchange for remaining a customer for a designated period of time. But canada goose outlet new jersey no matter, if they disclose it up front, they likely are within their bounds to charge it.

It’s not surprising you might have missed Frontier’s fee disclosure when you first got the service, or might have forgotten even if you’d read it. I guess if you’re discontinuing their service, they’re not afraid of ticking you off.

This amount of $9.99 isn’t going to keep you from putting food on the table this month, but it’s still annoying. My only advice is to keep paperwork like this in your handy dandy file cabinet, if you think there’s any chance canada goose outlet woodbury you might need to refer to it in the future.

Q: Yesterday, I purchased at full price a “new” pair of boots at a canada goose outlet canada local store of a major chain. When I returned home and looked more carefully at the boots, it was clear that they had been very lightly worn before (more than a few try ons by others within the store), though probably not outside. I decided I’d keep the boots, but as I went to discard the packing papers in the box, I discovered a packing slip at the bottom.

The packing slip contained personal information of another person, including contact information, the last 4 digits of the credit card, and a frequent shopper number. My question is: What do I do?

I am extremely uncomfortable with how casually personal information was handled by both the store and by the previous “owner” of the boots. Should I just destroy that information and then ignore the incident? Part of me would like to try to take steps toward better consumer protection by notifying either or both parties. However I feel like one call to a large chain OR the local store would cheap canada goose new york go nowhere. I could warn the other consumer that the information was compromised, but am concerned that if a problem should arise, I could be blamed.

About the personal information: The canada goose youth uk previous owner should have been https://www.buchholz-net.de more careful and the store should have taken steps to make sure the receipt/shipping information was removed canada goose outlet edmonton from the box.

But it doesn’t necessarily sound like the cheap canada goose information that was shared by mistake was horribly risky. I don’t think anyone who possessed that could necessarily make purchases in her name or steal her identity. Whether she knows it or not, though, she’s lucky the information ended up in the hands of an honest person like you.

If I were you, and had the time and the store was close by and you haven’t worn the boots outside yourself yet, I’d probably pack everything up and take it to the store and make a pitch for a discount, especially if you were going to be near the store for other errands. And you can tell them it’s irresponsible not to remove customer information from boxes cheap canada goose when they’re going to resell the item.

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