From hers, you were being deceitful and calculating

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The outstanding individual athletes enshrined into the William Floyd Athletic Hall of Fame include Joseph Passaro (Class of 1978), a three sport athlete (football, baseball and basketball) earning various accolades in each sport including the 1978 Male Athlete award for William Floyd, Ginine (Lucarello) Duda (Class of 2002), a dominant track and field and cross country athlete who won the Suffolk County Cross Country Championship in 1999 among other achievements and set numerous William Floyd records during her time as a Colonial athlete, Steve Murphy (Class of 2009), a two sport athlete (football and lacrosse) and a two time All Long Island First Team lacrosse player who was ranked No. 26 as a recruit by Inside Lacrosse Magazine, among many other accolades in lacrosse. He also earned several top honors as a member of the football team such as All State (First Team), All Long Island (First Team) and the Boomer Esiason Award given annually to the best quarterback in Suffolk County.

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